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Merriam Websters definition of the word inevitable is:

incapable of being avoided or evaded

 I am sure you know by now, Life is INEVITABLE!

You and I had no choice in the matter of being conceived and being born. If we live our lives without choosing to take it, then we have no choice in how we will die.  When you think about it, it can be quite humbling.  God holds the Preface and the Epilogue to our lives and the pages in between are there for us to write on.  He want’s to be in every chapter and page. He may proof and edit as He sees fit throughout our book of life and ultimately want’s the ending to be “And they will live, Happily Ever After.”

What matters most is what happens in between our birth and our death. For some reason, Oreo Cookies and Peanut butter and jelly are coming to mind as an analogy. Both have equal outsides, but the middle is what matters. The time on this earth, like it or not is inevitable. So choices and attitudes play a huge role in our book of life.

We are important and although we may not always make the right decisions in our lives, time gives us opportunities to change, regroup and make a difference. Our lives are shaped as we choose our friends, our vocations and the way we react to expected and unexpected situations. Almost twenty years ago, I wrote my own version of Chuck Swindoll’s “Attitude” quote. I named my version “Attitudes.”

I will post it below, but first wanted to thank The Catholic Sun in Phoenix for giving me the opportunity to have an interview with their editor about my book and the creation of Breath of Life Retreat House.



We all have them. It doesn't matter how old you are or what your nationality is, how much your income is or how educated you are. We all decide by CHOICE how we allow our attitudes to show our true character. Attitudes are formed by our reactions to daily situations, challenges and problems. Both positive and negative attitudes will reveal to others how we think and ultimately who we put our trust and faith in.  Our family, friends and co-workers and even those met just once may be influenced by our attitude. Our body language, eye contact and behavior creates a powerful impression and can speak volumes to those with whom we come in contact with.  All these factors are the ingredients which make up the uniqueness of each and every person on this planet.  Attitudes can be changed and shaped. The daily challenges of life delivers a daily opportunity to improve our attitudes.  It's your choice !!! How's your attitude today?
written by Candy Roe Bridges


 Book News!


  • The three winners for the Goodreads giveaway have been chosen. Congratulations to
    Christine R Mattice from Uniontown OH, Ethel Ortiz from Brown Deer WI andChris Duryea from FL
  • My book was featured in the Catholic Sun paper this week. Thank you for the interview.
  • Two Book signings coming up! One at Oasis Book and Gift Shop in Payson and the second at Breath of Life during the Rim Country Garden Tour on  June 16th.